the roses&concrete newsletter provides a weekly look at my writing & spiritual work, as well as exclusive discount codes for a range of items from my online store. in addition, you'll get a special first look at upcoming digital media projects, including worksheets, workbooks, & essay series.

when you sign-up for the roses&concrete newsletter, I know that you are a true supporter & someone who appreciates my work. you'll be taking this walk with me as I share personal stories of my growth that I hope will encourage & empower you. I often share tarot readings, astrological updates, & information on my favorite healing practices that range from a focus on personal development to aligning with the Universe through ritual, & everything in-between. all is one! healing provides us with an all important sense of self-justice. it is the most rewarding journey you can take. & it's never to late to begin!

this is my small contribution to communal healing. if you are ever in need of a personal reading or a life coaching session, please feel free to reach out to me. your replies to each newsletter come directly to my inbox & I'd love to hear from you. I believe strongly that everyone has a unique vibration that adds so much to every space they enter. I'd like to welcome you to roses&concrete. I am so grateful you'll be joining me. [ show me some love & connect with me on other platforms. ]

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